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February 28, 2019 in Motivational Speakers

The Sad Truth About Most Motivational Presentations

Many years ago, I had dinner with a motivational speaker named Anthony Galie. We were having steaks at a Las Vegas restaurant when he said something that changed the course of my professional career.

“Motivational speeches are great,” he said, “but for most people the effect will only last a few hours. Two days later, more than 98% of all attendees will have forgotten what they learned and will no longer feel that rush of enthusiasm.”

Anthony was simply telling me what he had uncovered in his research into the human mind. Still, I had booked hundreds of motivational personalities for events at that point. I wondered if he might be right. And, I started thinking about what kinds of speakers and trainers I could book who would offer more value than an inspirational story.

In the years since, I’ve booked hundreds more speeches and started my own agency. I even book Anthony through my firm. But I’ve never forgotten our conversation. In fact, the desire to book “difference-makers” has become the guiding principle of my company.

The sad truth is that most motivational speeches largely fall into the category of entertainment. They don’t have lasting value. So how do you find a presentation that can actually inspire your team to do more or even make a difference in your bottom line? Here are a few things I would advise you to look for…

Real-World Advice That Works

Lots of motivational speakers are out there giving advice that is fun and interesting, but not really actionable. They might be exciting, but no one is going to follow through on what they recommend.

You want the opposite: a speaker who gets your group fired up, but also leaves them with a plan they can start to execute immediately. In other words, you want tips that work in the real world, not just on a platform.

Goals That Translate to Your Group or Audience

Most motivational speakers get into the business because they are highly driven individuals themselves. That’s wonderful, but they have to be able to transfer that enthusiasm to an audience in a way that is relevant to their own plans and challenges.

For example, suppose you book an Olympic archer to speak to your audience. That’s wonderful, but unless they share realistic ideas your attendees can put into action without having a dedicated training facility and many months or years to spare, it isn’t going to help anyone.

A Follow-Up Action Plan

One thing that struck me about Anthony’s speech – and a reason I’m still a huge fan of his work today – is that he gives every audience member a concrete plan they can follow to pursue their own dreams. In other words, he offers a template that is incredibly simple to personalize and follow.

Most adults are too busy to spend a lot of time thinking about things like productivity, motivation, and time management. That’s why a good speaker will leave them with a plan of action they can use to follow up and chart their own path to success.

Get a Motivational Speech with Impact

At The Aaron Agency, my whole company is built upon finding speakers and trainers who keep your attendees thinking and acting differently long after they’ve left the stage. If that’s the kind of presentation you’re looking for, contact us today so we can talk about your event.

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