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Jon Stetson

Mind Reading 101



Mind Reading 101

Imagine going into a business situation – like a job interview, a sales presentation, or a negotiation – and being able to read the other person’s mind. What kind of advantage would that give you?

As a renowned mentalist, Jon Stetson has been perfecting the art of mind reading since he was a child. Now, he shares the secrets of suggestion and nonverbal communication with business audiences around the world. He shows them, using simple and entertaining step-by-step techniques, how they can get past the illusions all humans use to hide our thoughts and feelings.

Mind Reading 101 is a presentation that’s packed full of insights, laughs, and jaw-dropping moments. It’s the perfect fit if you want your group to learn something new while being wildly entertained at the same time.

About Jon Stetson

Born into a family of entertainers that goes back generations, Jon Stetson was always curious about the many ways illusions, insights, and deceptions could change the way we perceive the world around us. His study of mentalism has taken him to some of the world’s grandest stages.

However, his commitment to his craft also made him an expert on behavior, particularly nonverbal communication. Soon, he found himself wondering how the lessons he had learned as a performer could translate into everyday business interactions. Conversations with executives and top performers helped him to mold a new way of teaching his expertise to results-driven audiences.

Today, Jon speaks to dozens of businesses and organizations every year. Between his speeches and performances he enjoys spending time with his wife, Gloria, at their home near Boston.

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