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Finding Focus



Finding Focus

How would your team, your department, and your company be different if everyone was truly focused? What could you accomplish if you were all present and engaged in the moment, rather than working in a state of constant distraction?

It might be time for you to find out. In Finding Focus, author and speaker Gabriel Dye shares a handful of easy-to-use tips anyone can implement to keep their mind locked in on what truly matters. This high-impact presentation examines what it means to be focused, why so many of us struggle to stay fixed on important tasks or projects, and how we can drive productivity and performance by making a few simple changes to our daily routines.

Less of a presentation and more of an experience, Finding Focus is equal parts expert advice, first-person perspective, and laugh-out-loud hilarious. Featuring simple exercises and a hypnotic demonstration, it’s the perfect message for any group that feels overwhelmed by the constant demands of the distraction age and wants to find out what their true potential looks like.

If you want a fun and engaging presentation that’s never been more relevant, book Gabriel Dye for your next event today!

About Gabriel Dye

Gabriel Dye became an expert on the topic of focus out of sheer necessity. As a working speaker, model, and actor who splits time between Boston and Seoul, South Korea, he learned at an early age that he needed to be selective with his time and energy if he wanted to meet his personal and professional goals.

As a self-professed recovering “distraction addict,” he earned experience as a teacher and entrepreneur before discovering his talents as a performer. Since then, he has spent thousands of hours in front of the camera, appearing in movies, on popular television programs, and in publications around the world.

Away from the public eye Gabriel cultivated an intense interest in the art of productivity. What he soon discovered was that most people fail to reach their goals, and their potential, simply because they don’t concentrate their energy on the handful of things that would actually bring them happiness and fulfillment.

When he’s not speaking and performing, Gabriel enjoys singing and playing guitar in a gypsy jazz band. He and his wife love to travel the world when they can get permission from their four cats.

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