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Eric Mina

Supercharge Your Subconscious



Supercharge Your Subconscious

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re capable of more than what you’re doing now? Ever wonder what’s holding you back from achieving something truly amazing?

In Supercharge Your Subconscious, entertainer-turned-motivator Eric Mina shows why so many of us set ourselves up for lives that feel comfortable but unfulfilling. He explains the psychological and emotional reasons we stop ourselves from chasing the kind of professional success we crave, and more importantly, what we can do to break free from those self-imposed limitations.

This entertaining keynote is perfect for any group that wants to break away from the ordinary. It’s a laugh-out-loud presentation that gets to the heart of what really drives us to do more… and how each of us can change our lives and careers by following a proven plan.

About Eric Mina

From the moment he was diagnosed with ADHD as a child Eric Mina knew he was different. That realization led him to become a student of the mind, and to explore the possibilities that came with hypnosis, neurolinguistics, and behavior modification.

Eric took what he learned about the human brain though college and thousands of hours of self-study to forge an unconventional career. At various points he’s been a student, a gambler, and even a nationally recognized entertainer. Now, he spends his time writing, speaking, and studying the psychological art of achievement. When he’s not on stage, Eric likes to study martial arts and spend time with his friends and family.

If you want a presentation that blends the best of comedy with real-world insights your audience can use to become more productive overnight, book Eric Mina today!

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