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Chase Hughes

Persuasion Under Pressure



Persuasion Under Pressure

Does your team know how to close a deal when it counts? Can they look a prospect in the eye, find their emotional hot buttons, and convince them to move forward?

Author and keynote presenter Chase Hughes knows the world of hand-to-hand psychology all too well. As the creator of Uncle Sam’s most powerful psychological tactics and techniques, he’s developed methods used by military and police personnel around the world. He uses his unique insights to pull off the masks everyone wears and expose the true person hiding within.

Chase’s once-confidential Persuasion Under Pressure program blends intense storytelling with proven, real-world tactics any leader or sales professional can use to be more effective. This is the one presentation you don’t want your team to miss.

About Chase Hughes

As a bestselling author and renowned interrogation specialist, Chase Hughes is one of the world’s preeminent experts on persuasion, motivation, and behavior prediction. His bestselling book, The Ellipsis Manual, is considered one of the most definitive texts on human behavior skills.

Chase began studying the human mind as a young military chief. His fascination with the possibilities of reading and influencing people led him to forcefully push the boundaries of psychological knowledge in the field. He eventually found himself developing tactics for the most elite teams on earth.

Today, Chase shares what he learned on his quest to discover the most powerful methods to disarm, persuade, and expose the hidden information in all of us. When he’s not working, Chase enjoys time with his family in Virginia Beach.

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