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Anthony Galie

Visionary Thinking



Visionary Thinking

What separates the top performers in sales, finance, and leadership from all the rest? As a hypnotherapist and performance coach, Anthony Galie learned it isn’t education, connections, or even luck that sets them apart. The best simply think differently.

In his presentation, Visionary Thinking, he explains how our subconscious minds push us to establish the daily routines the determine our ceiling for success and achievement. Then, he teaches three simple, powerful, and proven ways to set goals that actually stick and motivate us to change our habits.

This unforgettable keynote presentation incorporates humor, hypnosis, and the basics of human psychology together into career-changing lessons. It’s the one keynote you can’t miss if you want your audience to walk away with tools they can use to instantly boost business performance.

About Anthony Galie

As an author and four-time Million Dollar Round Table speaker, Anthony Galie has earned a reputation as one of America’s leading minds on the topics of motivation and performance.

Anthony has spoken for CEOs and top sales performers on stages around the world. His book, Take Control of Your Subconscious Mind, has sold tens of thousands of copies. He is considered a modern pioneer in the art and science of behavioral change, having inspired thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, and award-winners to reach their personal and professional goals.

Away from the stage, Anthony coaches high performers in several different fields. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and their children at his home in Melbourne, Florida.

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