Todd Fisher

About Todd Fisher

Todd Fisher is an author, director, and speaker who shares a unique perspective with every audience. Born into Hollywood royalty – son to Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds and brother to Carrie Fisher – he is a veteran of the entertainment industry who has thrived under the media limelight his entire life.

His 2018 book My Girls: A Lifetime With Carrie and Debbie gave a firsthand account of the years he spent as a companion to the pair of iconic women in his life. It also shed light on the personal sides of fame, addiction, and mental illness that followed the family for decades.

Unlike the rest of his parents and sister, Todd is best known for his work behind the camera. His lifelong passion for storytelling was apparent early on when he became one of the youngest-ever members of the International Alliance of Theatrical State Employees (IATSE) labor union at the age of fifteen.  As a director, he has since received acclaim for his work on Find Your Way Back: A Salute to the Space Shuttle, Blue Angels: A Backstage Pass, and the TBN series Nightlight.

When he’s not working on films, books, or speaking engagements, Todd serves as the CEO of Hollywood Motion Picture Experience (HMPE). In addition, he is a pilot, an ordained minister, and an avid collector of classic film equipment and memorabilia. He enjoys spending time with his wife – award-winning actress and entertainer Catherine Hickland – at the couple’s home in Las Vegas.

Behind the Scenes

The Real Story Addiction, Mental Illness, and Life in the Public Eye

In this refreshingly candid presentation director, bestselling author, and Hollywood insider Todd Fisher sheds light on what it was like to spend more than five decades alongside two icons of the silver screen… along with the joys and heartbreaks that were part of the journey.

Based largely on his book My Girls, Fisher shares stories and lessons from his own life. He moves past tabloid myths and shows audiences what it was really like to see his mother and sister – legends Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher – struggle with addiction, mental illness, and numerous setbacks while maintaining careers as Hollywood royalty. He also shares how the wisdom he gained along the way can help not only the millions of people fighting their own personal demons, but also the friends and family members who love them.

This hour-long presentation is filled with laughs, amazing personal stories, and a powerful message of hope. For an even better event, moderator-driven Q&A sessions are available following his speech.

Working in the Spotlight

Coming up and Breaking Out in Hollywood’s Golden Age

What is it really like to live under the glare of paparazzi, red carpets, and film premiers? How do actors and directors cope with the constant pressure they feel from fans and the media? Are fame and fortune really worth the costs?

These are the kinds of questions filmmaker Todd Fisher has been answering his entire life. Born to Hollywood legends Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, he learned from an early age that there were both advantages and downsides to living in the public eye. As an actor and director, not to mention brother to Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher, he saw the way being in the spotlight can rewarding and destructive.

In this 60-90 minute presentation, Fisher shares insider stories from a life spent surrounded by Hollywood legends. He also gives a firsthand account of what it’s actually like to live and work under the microscope of fame, as well as what it means to define and achieve success on your own terms.

Innovation is the Ultimate Special Effect

Technology, Filmmaking, and the Future of Entertainment

Technology is reshaping the filmmaking business, forcing directors to re-envision new possibilities for every project. For those who can adapt and expand their thinking the opportunities are endless; those who refuse to change are being left behind.

Disruption might be most visible in the world of entertainment, but it touches every industry and even our personal lives. Regardless of who we are, where we live and work, or where we’re from, each of us is forced to either embrace change or risk falling behind our colleagues and competitors.

In this presentation, director and filmmaker Todd Fisher breaks the current state of the entertainment industry, reveals upcoming trends that will revolutionize our abilities to create and consume content, and explains the mindset of an innovator. It’s perfect for students, entertainment industry insiders, and business audiences who want to understand the art of creative thinking in the disruption age.